Curly Bill/ Ringo Holster
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Curly Bill/ Ringo Holster

Price: $149.98
  • Item #: CurlyRingoHolster
  • Manufacturer: Golden Gate Western Wear
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Usually Ships in 1-2 Weeks.

Price is for one Holster


Authentic to the Tombstone characters Curly Bill & Ringo.  These holsters are hand molded and rivetted at our Richmond Store.  Ringo's belt in the movie was black, while Curly Bill's was dark mahogany.  


Ships within' 1-2 weeks


The guns will simply drop into place and withraw easily but the fit is so close that the gun will not bounce out when moving.  Notice the top is turned out to not catch the cylinder when you drop your gun in.  


These holsters are authentic in design and style, and material (no metal), but they function as well as non authentic movie type holsters.  Our leather is thick and skirting material and holds the form firmly.  


All holsters have triple re-curved throats tolled out at the top and pig skin lining.



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